Debora Java

Debora Java is a Berlin based DJ and producer expressing dark industrial Techno combined with atmospheric and melodic elements.

Raised in South West Germany her spirit will always reflect the island Java where Debora was born on. Her creativity improved thru classical piano education let her express early works before she followed her urge to explore different cultures ending up spending one year at Lake Victoria in Tanzania at the age of 18. Afterwards studying Mathematics in multicultural Berlin she realized her interest and love in electronic music. She enjoyed the new-found freedom in the world of Berlin’s Techno as a tireless dancer and felt home producing her own interpretations.

Soon she expanded her musical skills and became a DJ mixing in her productions. In 2017 the young artist came across Camp Tipsy festival and is a resident of the „Nacktbar“ floor since. At that time, she also started DJ’ing regularly in Berlin’s open air scene. Lately, she played in clubs like „Burg Schnabel“ and „Weißer Hase“ while she is following her huge enthusiasm in her own creations the same time.

For Debora Java Techno is about telling stories, sharing secrets – without words. It is about being intuitive and focusing the mind and body on the present moment. It is about being who you are, expressing yourself and feeling one with the people around you.