It was 1986. Two record players, one mixer.
At his own birthday party, everything that has remained an integral part of his life to this day began.
Many private celebrations and further 11 years, various cassette decks, CD’s and records later it was in the year 1997 then finally so far: the first club appearance!
This was in the H2O2 in Florence. And it should not remain his last.
Because in the next seven years countless other Florentine clubs could be happy about his presence behind the decks, among them the Exmud and the Tenax, until JAMA finally went to the city, which welcomed him warmly and never really let him go again.

2004 Berlin. BAR 25!
It was probably one of the most legendary and mystical clubs of this city, where JAMA was allowed to call itself Resident-DJ right from the first day.
This – and of course his own authentic sound – paved his way through a club landscape that could hardly be more diverse.
Sisyphos, Watergate, Suicide Circus and Der Salon – Zur Wilden Renate are just a few stops on his long journey.

In the meantime we are writing the year 2017.
Still: Berlin.
And its development knows no boundaries.
Since January of this year, JAMA has also been at the start with his own productions and recorded his first release „Heim EP“ on 13.01.2017 directly on Katermukke, the label of its new home „Kater Blau“.

He has been behind the decks for over 30 years now.
Many clubs, many countries, many radiant faces and dancing people, whom he has already made happy with his music.
And it goes on. Always further.