Infected in 1995, dancing to endless sessions at VOXXX Club (now Weltecho | Oscar e.V.) and involved ever since in music production, coding and collecting vinyl with a focus on straight percussive patterns, funky grooves and jazzy techno. This is the cornerstone of his style.

In 2005 he had his first official appearance at Bunte Republik Neustadt (BRN) Dresden CDR-Club playing his interpretation of percussive deep techno. There was a live percussion band playing and his turntables changed from vinyl spinners to an crazy percussion instrument playing in company with the band. Thats what it’s all about, they asked him to become a resident. He answered the call and played every weekend in Club der Republik Dresden from 2005 to 2008 together with Nic Dancer.

During this time he played many legendary all night long b2b sessions with HGN, Sören Matschiste, Spunky, Jekyll & Hyde, Clitclutcher (aka Andreas Pionty), Marek Hemmann, Daniel Stefanik, Insect O, Moritz Schlieb and many others. Followed by gigs in Koralle, Erdbeerdisko, and Schleife. An 9 hours straight vinyl set making them wet? No problem!

Special Events

By 2007 he was masterminding a 3000+ people event bringing the whole Frankfurt Main „U60311“ crew together on three huge buses to Dresden, with artists like George Perry (SpaceNight TV), Peter Latino (U-Booking), Coline and others connecting the German scene in a unique way like never before.


There is a certain beauty in his sets that brings his audience together. The last years he was a resident at Chalet Club Berlin. It brings a smile to his face when the dancefloor is full of emotion and moving as one, like a little kid playing with their favourite toy.

A 2 hour live set can easily turn into a sweaty 5 hour session, like in 2018 in Beate Uwe where the club stayed open an extra three hours just for him. Then there was that time when Boiler Room asked him if he can stop his set because the crowd wouldn’t leave to go to the main floor – we wont say which major DJ was playing there..


As a producer he took his time, learning how to code his own apps and plugins for visuals and music production, and building his own studio. Stay tuned, as he is preparing for his new live set.