It was 1986. Two record players, one mixer.
At his own birthday party, everything that has remained an integral part of his life to this day began.
Many private celebrations and further 11 years, various cassette decks, CD’s and records later it was in the year 1997 then finally so far: the first club appearance!
This was in the H2O2 in Florence. And it should not remain his last.
Because in the next seven years countless other Florentine clubs could be happy about his presence behind the decks, among them the Exmud and the Tenax, until JAMA finally went to the city, which welcomed him warmly and never really let him go again.

2004 Berlin. BAR 25!
It was probably one of the most legendary and mystical clubs of this city, where JAMA was allowed to call itself Resident-DJ right from the first day.
This – and of course his own authentic sound – paved his way through a club landscape that could hardly be more diverse.
Sisyphos, Watergate, Suicide Circus and Der Salon – Zur Wilden Renate are just a few stops on his long journey.

In the meantime we are writing the year 2017.
Still: Berlin.
And its development knows no boundaries.
Since January of this year, JAMA has also been at the start with his own productions and recorded his first release „Heim EP“ on 13.01.2017 directly on Katermukke, the label of its new home „Kater Blau“.

He has been behind the decks for over 30 years now.
Many clubs, many countries, many radiant faces and dancing people, whom he has already made happy with his music.
And it goes on. Always further.

Lee Jokes

Berlin, the turn of Berlins reunion was attended by a massive cultural development of the capital city in the 90’s which the native-born east Berliner Lee Jokes closely witnessed from its beginnings. The nightlife of Berlin blossomed, electronic music was in literally everyones ears, everybody was dancing. The rest is history. So one day one thing lead to another when Lee Jokes in the year of 1994 took his step from the dance floor to behind the controls.

It took six years and countless gigs till he began to implement his vision of high quality music for his peers in own productions. The turn to the twenty first century also marked the beginning of his own series of events called „Soundpendler“ which took place in locations like MS Edelweiss, Club XS or at 80dB.

The year of 2009, Organic Live Art Records (O.L.A Records) is born and serves him platform for his music and the artists in his surrounding. Next to creative releases the focus of his label work also lies on hosting regular Showcases and his online radio show „JokeBox“.

In the meanwhile more than just arrived in Berlins scene he releases his own creations on labels like Katermukke, Bar 25 Music, Lordag Records, Me! Records and Default Machine.

And also en route, away from his local realm he regularly inspires international audience when he turns his passion in sets that seem to be nearly never ending.

Ground-breaking, honest and hypnotic driving. These properties adumbrate more or less what Lee Jokes music is affected by.

Rollo van Beathoven

The saxophone.
His very own instrument, character, dynamics. Its sound, which everyone knows somehow and yet hardly anyone can put into words.

It all started for Rollo van Beathoven at the music school in Tübingen, Germany, where he enjoyed a classical saxophone education with Carina Rascher and Bruce Weinberger of the ‚Rascher Saxophon Quartett‘.

In 1990 Rollo went on stage all over the world.
Inspire – Inspiring.
Even „Jugend Musiziert“ honoured him with a prize.

Joint appearances with Die Ärzte, Guitar Crusher, The Toasters or Swing Kong can be found in his long list of references. After endless recording sessions in many productions he now runs his own recording studio „Monte Cruz“ in Berlin. He has seen a lot, played together with many others and yet his horizons continue to grow.

Together with various DJ’s and producers he skilfully combines pure calmness and the variable sound of his saxophone with driving electronic dance music – live in the club, at festivals and in the studio.

Rollo Van Beathoven.
A passionate musician with soul.
A never-ending artist.
A human being.


Aquarius Heaven

Growing up in Texas and the Caribbean, Aquarius Heaven became associated with music at a young age. Starting out as a reggae, dancehall, and hip hop singer, it wasn’t until 2005 when he moved to Paris that he would become connected with electronic music.
After meeting dOP in the French capital he began to spend a lot of time with the trio in the studio and in 2010 Aquarius Heaven was born. The sound particularly interested Brian because there were fewer limitations in electronic music and it gave him room to experiment. He was able to push the boundaries of sound to create something outside of the box of the typical house and techno machine. Never forgetting about his roots in
music you can still hear the colors of the Caribbean in his vocals.
After relocating to Berlin his first track “Before U Go” was released on the Watergate 06 compilation mixed by dOP. Shortly after that his debut full length EP was release on Circus Company titled 7 days. The follow up to 7 days on Wolf + Lamb even further catapulted him into the spotlight with a dark and sexy music video that created a lot of buzz in the music-blog world before the EP was even released. Since his quick rise in the ranks of the world of electronic music Aquarius Heaven has collaborated with some of the best in the industry including Miss Kittin, Ryan Crosson, Art Department, Mathias Kaden and many more. He continues to build a strong body of work on some of the most well known and respect labels such as Circus Company, Crosstown Rebels, Visionquest, and No. 19 Music. Shining brightly as one of the stand out vocalists and performers in the scene Aquarius Heaven has traveled the globe and back performing at some of the biggest clubs and festivals such as Panorama Bar, Rex, Space, Watergate, and Zur wilden Renate to name a few. Always in the studio pushing himself to the absolute limit he continues to push out
a high volume of quality work with two upcoming EPs in the new year one on his home label Circus Company and another on Rhythm Cult. Showing no signs of slowing down you can expect to continue to see Aquarius Heaven at the top of his game as a staple of the electronic music world.



Infected in 1995, dancing to endless sessions at VOXXX Club (now Weltecho | Oscar e.V.) and involved ever since in music production, coding and collecting vinyl with a focus on straight percussive patterns, funky grooves and jazzy techno. This is the cornerstone of his style.

In 2005 he had his first official appearance at Bunte Republik Neustadt (BRN) Dresden CDR-Club playing his interpretation of percussive deep techno. There was a live percussion band playing and his turntables changed from vinyl spinners to an crazy percussion instrument playing in company with the band. Thats what it’s all about, they asked him to become a resident. He answered the call and played every weekend in Club der Republik Dresden from 2005 to 2008 together with Nic Dancer.

During this time he played many legendary all night long b2b sessions with HGN, Sören Matschiste, Spunky, Jekyll & Hyde, Clitclutcher (aka Andreas Pionty), Marek Hemmann, Daniel Stefanik, Insect O, Moritz Schlieb and many others. Followed by gigs in Koralle, Erdbeerdisko, and Schleife. An 9 hours straight vinyl set making them wet? No problem!

Special Events

By 2007 he was masterminding a 3000+ people event bringing the whole Frankfurt Main „U60311“ crew together on three huge buses to Dresden, with artists like George Perry (SpaceNight TV), Peter Latino (U-Booking), Coline and others connecting the German scene in a unique way like never before.


There is a certain beauty in his sets that brings his audience together. The last years he was a resident at Chalet Club Berlin. It brings a smile to his face when the dancefloor is full of emotion and moving as one, like a little kid playing with their favourite toy.

A 2 hour live set can easily turn into a sweaty 5 hour session, like in 2018 in Beate Uwe where the club stayed open an extra three hours just for him. Then there was that time when Boiler Room asked him if he can stop his set because the crowd wouldn’t leave to go to the main floor – we wont say which major DJ was playing there..


As a producer he took his time, learning how to code his own apps and plugins for visuals and music production, and building his own studio. Stay tuned, as he is preparing for his new live set.


Born in Paris and based in Berlin Friedrichshain, Cesko produces a hybrid of house and classic techno using strong and soulful synth which express his personal trademark style. Above all it’s on stage that he finds inspiration and over the years he made dance many generations of hardened clubbers. Since 2002 he has played in various European clubs, sharing the turntables with countless international legends.

Promoter and DJ resident in the most famous parisian venue «Rex Club» for 3 years, Cesko also runs the bar record store «Ekō» and the new vinyl-only label wich has the same name like the bar. He knows how to make people dance and exchanges with his public an impressive feeling clocked by excellent djset performances. In the future, Cesko will spend time between studio and stage to share his new sound with the same energy and more catchy tunes.


INKAA not only has the most memorable DJ name in the country, she is also a burlesque dancer and stylist which makes her a feast for the eyes behind the turntables. Her Slow Tech House & Deep Techno sets are playful, amazingly powerful and always surprising.
The charming Berliner knows how to draw a curve of tension and captivate the audience.
She is a label offspring of the Techno Türken.
In 2019 she will publish her first release on O.L.A. Records.
Never the same, never boring, always different.