Rollo van Beathoven

The saxophone.
His very own instrument, character, dynamics. Its sound, which everyone knows somehow and yet hardly anyone can put into words.

It all started for Rollo van Beathoven at the music school in Tübingen, Germany, where he enjoyed a classical saxophone education with Carina Rascher and Bruce Weinberger of the ‚Rascher Saxophon Quartett‘.

In 1990 Rollo went on stage all over the world.
Inspire – Inspiring.
Even „Jugend Musiziert“ honoured him with a prize.

Joint appearances with Die Ärzte, Guitar Crusher, The Toasters or Swing Kong can be found in his long list of references. After endless recording sessions in many productions he now runs his own recording studio „Monte Cruz“ in Berlin. He has seen a lot, played together with many others and yet his horizons continue to grow.

Together with various DJ’s and producers he skilfully combines pure calmness and the variable sound of his saxophone with driving electronic dance music – live in the club, at festivals and in the studio.

Rollo Van Beathoven.
A passionate musician with soul.
A never-ending artist.
A human being.